Consign With Dakoata

DC Consignment is an online luxury consignment boutique. Please be sure to read our agreement in its entirety upon completing your registration form to begin consigning or auctioning with Dakoata. 



How To Sell/Auction with DC Consignment?


In order to be listed or auctioned, DC Consignment must be in physical procession of the selling/auctioned item(s). We will then inspect/appraise, negotiate, then list item(s) within 48-72 hours of retrieval. If the item(s) are being auctioned, we'll set an auction date and allow bidding for 48 hours. We will allow the seller to start the bid, however if the item bid is too high, DC Consignment is subjected to make starting bid adjustments. Our main goal is sell product, not showcase. 


After 48 hours on auction, the item(s) will be sold to the highest bidder. If the item(s) are not sold in the auction, the item can be listed on site, but the price must be negotiable between DC Consignment and seller. 




Our commission structure is determined based on the designer item being sold, which will range between 15-30% or the total price in which your item(s) sells and PayPal process fee will be included for seller’s protection. 


DC Consignment allows customers to negotiate their selling price to ensure comfortability in the selling process. We also offer the ability to allow our team of specialist to assess and set the value of the item(s). 


Does DC Consignment Ship Your Item?


Yes, you ship to us at the sellers expense. We inspect and repackage your item for consumer shipping. 


There is no reimbursement for shipping. Seller must include shipment cost in their listing price. Also, seller is responsible for item(s) that is shipped to DC Consignment until, a confirmation of retrievalle has been received from DC Consignment.  


Return Policy


Here at Dakoata's Corner we have a no return or exchange policy, however if you reconsign your item within 14 days we will lower our commissoin rate.


Shipping Policy


Our shipping rate is $25 for ground shipping (includes packaging, signature, and insurance).There is no reimbursement for shipping. Sellers must incorporate that price into their listing price.


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Upon completing your consign form, please allow 24-48 hours for a team member to contact you.